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Sri Sai Solutions, Akkayyapalem

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Sri Sai Solutions - its a Website Designing and Software Development Company in Visakhapatnam (Vizag). Our Services : Website Hosting, Website Designing, Web Development, Online Advertising, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Online Portal Development, Online Search Engine Development, Shopping Website Development etc... from Last 12 Years near Dwarakanagar in Visakhapatnam (Vizag) 5-51-2/3, Akkayyapalem


Ravikanth Infotech, Shivajipalem

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Ravikanth Infotech - website designing and development company near Shivajipalem in visakhapatnam, Vizag 9-7-13/12, FF4, Sridurga Towers, Shivajipalem


Soft Solutionz, butchirajupalem

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Soft Solutionz - website designing and development company near Butchirajupalem in visakhapatnam, Vizag 58-22-34/4/1, Susarla Colony, butchirajupalem


Rinix Web, dondaparthy

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Best Rinixweb simply believes in the philosophy of uniqueness. We in Visakhapatnam are considered the best company for our services on Web Design,Web Development, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design with affordable price In Visakhapatnam Vizag #43-9-131,3rd Floor, TSN Colony, dondaparthy


Rinixweb, dondaparthy

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Rinixweb - website designing and development and Mobile Apps Development company near Dondaparthy in visakhapatnam, Vizag #43-9-131/2, 3rd floor, TSN colony , dondaparthy


Varma Tech Solutions, Dwarakanagar

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Varma Tech Solutions - website designing and development company near dwarakanagar in visakhapatnam, Vizag Srinivasa Apartments, 1st Floor, 5th Ln , Dwarakanagar


Web Media 9, Dwarakanagar

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web media9 - website designing and development, Mobile Application Development company near dwarakanagar in Visakhapatnam, Vizag Door No.47-7-26, 2nd Floor, Sree Kanya Arcade, 4th Lane Opposite Union Bank , Dwarakanagar


Vigiboss Inc, Ramatalkies

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Vigiboss Inc - Web and Software Development company near Ramatalkies in visakhapatnam, Vizag Vigiboss Inc,Sirigudi Arcade Krishna Tower, Ramatalkies


StudioPixel, Pandurangapuram

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StudioPixel - website designing and development company near Pandurangapuram in visakhapatnam, Vizag SriRajeswariRealty, Plot 67, sampath nivas, dasapalla hills, Road No:1A, Daspalla Hills, Pandurangapuram


Syon, Dwarakanagar

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Syons Website Developers and Designers - our Services Website Designing, Mobile Application Development, Web Development,E- Commerce Websites, Software development,Web Applications,Digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization),Graphic Designing, Bulk SMS, Domain & Hosting, Logo Designing at Dwaraka Nagar in Visakhapatnam, Vizag #Laitha Plaza, Dwarakanagar


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Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites

There are two types of Websites Static Website and Dynamic Website

Static Website Design

Static website site is contains plain HTML Pages called as read only pages. We can read the content... but we can't edit or modify the content from user Interface.

Advantages of Static Website : Low Cost Websites then Dynamic Websites, We can use Cheap Hosting Servers Also.

Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic website Sites Developed with a Server Side Scripting Languages such as PHP, ASP. Asp.Net, JSP or Coldfusion, JAVA. all this pages linked with Database such as SQL Server, MY SQL Server, MS Access etc...

Advantages of Dynamic Sites. This sites are connecting to Database its very easy to generate Reports and Forms. We can Updating Information and Delete Information from Client. Dynamic Website Code Writers Called as Software Engineers or Software Programmers, Website Developers and Website Designers. Dynamic Sites are very use full to Develop Dynamic Shopping Carts, Matrimonial Websites, Real estate Website, Search Engineers etc.. Dynamic Sites are costly then Static Sites its required more secure Servers then Static Server like Linux Server, Windows Servers.

What is Advantage of Website : we can promote or Advertise our business online its very cheap publicity and its reach to client online when client having requirements. It will increase business customers, sales and promotion. we can reach our targeted clients by online...

How to promote our business Online : for Promote our business in Google or online we required Static or Dynamic website with Search Engine Optimization ( SEO - Online Guide Lines or Instructions )

What is the Cost of Websites : Its depends on website pages and Website Template Design and Website Requirements

Website Designing and Mobile app Development Companies in Visakhapatnam (Vizag)

Madhurawada is a Brand for Visakhapatnam IT Hub , IT SEZ, New IT Park Coming at Rushikonda (Kapulupada). Government provides infrastructure facilities for IT Companies in Visakhapatnam, Rushikonda like Roads, Lighting, Water, Public Transportation, Broad Band Internet Facilities etc... More than 250 International IT Companies Established Their Branches in Visakhapatnam, Vizag. Companies Like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, TCS, Infosys, HCL Technologies, Amadeus IT Holdings and More than 300 Startups established by Young Business Entrepreneurs in Visakhapatnam.

How much time does it take to set-up a website?
Website Creation time depends upon the Website Design, Website Development, Website Types (Dynamic or Static), Pages and Re-Design. it could take between 7 to 30 Days.

How much cost will be the static website and Dynamic website ?
Website cost depends on Website Pages and Designing. Minimum Static Website Designing Cost will be Rs. 4000/-

Can I design website my self with Minimum Computer Knowledge ?
Yes, you can design to purchase templates from

Which domain Name is better for Business or Personal Website ?
Domain Name should be easy to pronounce, remember and illustrates your websites purpose.


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Sri Sai Solutions in Visakhapatnam (Vizag) near Akkayyapalem

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